Monday, April 19, 2021

Re: Clayton Dive Club - Cape Vincent dive

Dear Fellow Clayton Dive Club-ers,

        We are late arriving at the Cape from Lincoln NE this year (altho hopefully by May), so will not be able to come over and snorkel with you all on the St Louis on 24 April.

        Joe,  I am sending this below image that CV's Bill Gould took (and gave to me a copy in 2017 to share as I saw fit, but we all need to be sure to credit Bill) of the St Louis at our CV East End Park.

        Also, there is a new Village changing station and bathroom immediately adjacent to the entry area, although it may not be quite yet open.  Further, Dennis and Kathi have a LOT of St L documentation for the curious members.

                                            --Bruce (still in Lincoln)

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On Monday, April 19, 2021, 05:57:17 AM CDT, Joe Dudiak <> wrote:
In the March meeting minutes it was mentioned that a club dive to begin the 2021 dive season was scheduled for April 24 on the wreck the St. Louis in Cape Vincent.   Due to other commitments, the club officers will not be attending.  Members are still welcome to make the dive as an informal event.  It would be a good opportunity to check out your equipment to start the dive season. 

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