Sunday, December 8, 2013

Clayton Diving Club's 2013 Chrismas Parade!

The Clayton N.Y. 51st Annual Christmas Parade theme was A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES. Clayton Diving Club's float recalling the memories of the classicscience fiction novel "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" by French writer Jules Verne published in 1870. The book had several movie including animated ones with variants story lines.

 Sitting on their Nautilus was a large black Octopus and leading the floatwas a glowing jellyfish. Walking besides the float were hardhat divers with their helmet mounted with lights.

Displayed on the tow vehicle was the original Clayton Diving Club red scubaflag with its distinctive white vertical bar that dates from the 1960's.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Clayton Dive Club dive of the  Maggie L. Dive June 16, 2013

Pictured below are some of the Club Members, Chris Malinowski, Chris Drescher, Ken Kozin, John Krake,Kathi McCarthy and Lisa Goodlin.  Pictures by Dennis McCarthy 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Clayton Divers' Access

Village of Clayton was not able to move the mooring blocks for the Clayton Divers' Access dock this week.  The work project for Saturday May 11 at 9 AM, is canceled. Contact Skip Couch if you have any questions. 686-5102 cell 486-6068

Monday, May 6, 2013

Clayton Divers' Access Point Update

Clayton Divers' Access Point Update

This Saturday May 11 at 9 AM, Skip plans to move the access dock from French Creek Marina to its final location at the Regional Dock off Frink Park. Given good weather, it will take until about 10 AM to have it on site. Divers in the water will be needed at Frink Park.

The two 1000 pound mooring blocks will be picked up by the Village of Clayton DPW and taken from Thousand Island Ready-Mix to Frink Park on Wednesday May 8th. The plan is to have them in the water by Saturday.

As discussed at the last Clayton Diving Club Meeting, the divers may be needed to move the anchors into their final locations.

Please contact Skip Couch if you plan to attend and help.

Location: French Creek Marina, Clayton, NY
Time: 9AM

Contact: Skip Couch 686-5102 cell 486-6068



Saturday, May 4, 2013

Village of Clayton clean up dives 2012 Vs 2013

Village of Clayton, Mary St. Clean up dive.   2012 vs 2013

For 2013 a great turn out from Clayton Divers, Delta Divers, Hunts Underwater, Bob Sherwood and GUE divers, ABM and the Village of clayton . About 50 people: divers and dock support!

Clean up 2013 28 divers in the water
Clean up 2012 10 divers in the water

Junk 2013

Junk 2012

Friday, May 3, 2013

CDC Clean-up Spring 2013

Divers needed for CDC Clean-up dive 9 AM on Saturday May 4th at the Antique Boat Museum , Mary St , Clayton.

Sign-up required, please contact Rod at or 570-499-5978

Hope to see everyone at the dive

ABM Clean-up 2012

ABM Clean-up 2012

Monday, April 22, 2013

Work party for Clayton "divers' access point" Saturday Apr 27th 9AM at French Creek Marina!

HELPERS NEED on Saturday Apr 27 9 AM at French Creek Marina to help build the dock for the Scuba Diver Access for Frink Park in Clayton

This is the assembly stage for the main floating dock of the Clayton "divers' access point" It will be assembled in French Creek Marina, Clayton NY. At a later date after construction, it will be floated out to the site and secured in place.

Helpers welcome, Bring Battery Operated Screwdrivers

Contact Skip Couch at Cell 315-486-6068

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Clayton Scuba Diving Club will have their monthly meeting this Saturday April 20th at 6pm at the Clayton Municipal Building, 425 Mary Street, Clayton, NY

All are welcome to attend.

After the meeting Skip Couch of Clayton will show videos & still photos from his 1990’s Watertown Television Show: “Legends of the Thousand Islands

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Clayton “divers’ access point” becoming a reality; volunteers will soon install the removable dock

CLAYTON — Local divers will soon be installing a divers’ access point at the east end of Frink Park just in time for the 2013 tourist season. Funded entirely through donations, the grass-roots project aims to attract more divers and kayakers to the tourist-driven village by allowing easier access to the St. Lawrence River. A dozen volunteers will build the removable dock — a 10-foot-wide by 16- to 20-foot-long wooden structure with a T-ladder — by May 1, and perhaps earlier if the weather cooperates, said local veteran diver Raymond I. “Skip” Couch. Mr. Couch, a scuba diver since the 1960s and a founding member of the Clayton Diving Club, has raised $2,700 for the project so far and has persuaded several local businesses to donate material needed for the structure, including the T-ladder. Once the dock is complete, it will be turned over to the village of Clayton. However, Mr. Couch said, members of the Clayton Diving Club will volunteer to maintain the structure and pull it out of the water every fall for inspection. Monetary donations are deposited in a village government bank account, and any leftover funds from the project will be used for future maintenance. With the divers’ access point, Mr. Couch had said, Clayton has the potential to become a popular spot for recreational diving and training.  He estimated that the removable dock would attract more than 50 divers every summer weekend. Almost half of the project’s total cost will be covered through donated material from Clayton businesses including Reinman’s Ace Hardware, French Creek Marina and Don’s Prop Shop.
Sketch of 10' By 20'  base dock for Divers access..

Sketch of exploded view of 10' By 20' base dock for Divers access..
End of regional dock where divers access will be deployed Clayton, NY

Monday, February 25, 2013

Clayton Divers Access Platform Project

2011 dive near proposed acces site.
This is just an update on what has been collected for our Clayton Divers Access Platform Project. We appreciate all of the donations. We are about half way to our goal. We still have around 2 months before we start building. You can keep updated on our progress at:

In September of this year, I proposed to Clayton Village Trustee Dennis Honeywell that a Scuba Diver Access Point could be placed in Clayton. Thiswould be at the East end of the Thousand Islands Regional Dock at Frink Park on Riverside Drive. This access point would consist of a floating dock with an attached T-ladder connected to shore by a ramp and steps. In the proposal the diving community will be responsible for building, funding and maintaining the dock while the village will acquire all necessary permits and be responsible for putting the dock in the water in the spring and removing and storing the dock for the winter. The access point proposal has been accepted by the Village board and will be funded through donations from divers, businesses and individuals. This is a great opportunity for the diving community to get good shore access to the St. Lawrence River in a great community. This would place a new site for both recreational Scuba and dive training to complement those already in Cape Vincent and Alex Bay. I will be coordinating the construction work and raising the funds for the project.
The Village of Clayton will provide a bank account for any donations to pay for materials. All work will be done by Scuba diver volunteers. Our plan is to have this completed by spring 2013. Donating sponsors will be recognized in this project. I will keep track of funds and donators and then provide the checks to the Village of Clayton for deposit in "the diver access point"account. Checks should be made out to "Village of Clayton", with a memo that it is
for "the diver access point".
Please sent checks to:
Raymond (Skip) Couch
17749 County Route 3
Clayton, New York 13624.

If you have any questions, you can give me a call at 686-5102. Any and all contributions will be welcome.

Skip Couch

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Divers access dock moving forward!
Ti sun, wed feb 13, 2013, Page 1
Clayton - … Feb 11 meeting of the village board…
During the trustee reports, Trustee Dennis Honeywell informed the board that he is in receipt of a letter from the Department of State confirming that the proposed diving access dock near Frink Park waterfront meets all criteria necessary for approval.
Diver near propsed location of divers access point. Clayton, NY