Monday, June 4, 2012

Dive the Islander, Clayton Diving Club, June 16th, 10 AM.

Composite photo of the wreck of the Islander, Alex Bay, NY.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Steam Barge Arizona

South of Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada across from Cape Vincent, NY
St. Lawrence River.

GPS: 44° 7.37N, 76° 23.018W


In 1922 the wooden propeller Arizona was the oldest steam barge on the Great Lakes. Launched in 1868, she had been rebuilt several times and was in good repair when she stopped at Cape Vincent on December 6th, 1922. She was on a return trip from Brockville, Ontario and heading to Oswego, NY. On the morning of December 7th, she caught fire at the Cape Vincent Break Wall. The Arizona was 188 feet long by 33 feet in beam. The raging fire onboard prevented her from being towed into deep water and she sunk at her moorings.  In 1923 the hull of the Arizona was raised from the break wall and fitted with pontoons so it could be moved to a location outside the navigation channels. It was then sunk using 200 pounds of dynamite. (From "Dive the Thousand Islands")


Photos: Dennis McCarthy 2012


Diver and prop

Bow area