Claytons' Diver Access

under development

Location:         Downtown Clayton along Riverside Dr.

Depth:                         10-40 Feet

Access:            Boat & shore

Visibility:         10 – 30 feet
Bottom:           Rock, mud & coal cinders
Skill Level:      Beginner to Advanced


Good diving almost any time of the year, even good ice diving off docks. Visibility is reasonable as long as you don’t stir up the mud, there is not enough current to take any mud down river.  Use safe diving practices.  Check water conditions and boat traffic. 

Site History:  

From ice dives in front of the old McCormack’s Restaurant to early “bottle” dives of the 1960’s, the Clayton Riverfront and Dock has been a mainstay dive site from the 1950’s up to the present.  The Frink Dock in the early 60's was dredged to sea-way depth of 26 feet. It was all rock and Louie Snell with Skip Couch helping, got the job of drilling and dynamiting to remove all rock so that the area could be dredged.