Thursday, May 8, 2014


2014 dive season has started and remembering years past.

The song "Silence" was written, composed and is sung by Peg Dolan.

The two-masted schooner in the video is the St. Lawrence II off Tibbetts Point.

The vintage photos (Corbin River Heritage, Clayton, NY) are the Bertie Calkins at Cape Vincent break-wall on Nov 29 1905, wreck at Clayton, Propeller Oconto 1886, Side wheeler Islander and the Roy A. Jodrey. The underwater videos are the Maggie L off Clayton, NY, the Islander off Alexandria Bay, NY, the Kinghorn off Rockport, Ontario and the Keystorm on Outer Scow Island Shoal.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Claytons' Divers Access Platform April 27, 2014.

Members of the Clayton Diving Club inspect Claytons' Divers Access Platform April 27, 2014.    The ladder will be extended and a new metal sheet will be added for the ramp to ride on. 
After the minor fixes it will be placed on site May 10, 2014 in Clayton.  The dock will be towed to its position at the end of the town pier.  Divers will secure the chains to anchor the dock in place for the season. 

Contact Skip Couch at 315-686-5102 if you plan to attend.


Dennis McCarthy, John Krake and Skip Couch check planks.

Replacing screws

Skip, Dennis John, Ken K., Charlie and Carol K.
(who's working?)

Kathi on Camera.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Clayton Dive Club New for April 2014

Upcoming club sponsored events:

1- Sat. April 12 at 7 PM at the Deep Down Divers dive shop at 7 East Main St. Gouverneur, NY: Skip Couch will present 'Shipwrecks of Clayton' and 'The Lost Fleet'.

2- Wed April 16 at 7 PM logon to : One of the diving films from the series 'Legends of the 1000 Islands' with focus on the shipwreck A. E. Vickory. The footage was filmed in 1994 and will give divers a chance to see the changes of the wreck from 20 years ago.

3- Sat. April 26 at the Municipal Dock at 9 AM beside the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton. Volunteers are needed to prepare the Divers Access Dock for this season. Minor repairs will need to be made to the dock. Contact Skip Couch at 315-686-5102 if you plan to attend.

4- Sat. May 3 launching of the Divers Access Dock in Clayton. The dock will be towed to its position at the end of the town pier. Divers are needed to secure the chains to anchor the dock in place for the season. More details regarding the specific time will be posted later.

Membership dues for the 2014 dive season are now due. If you haven't already, visit the club website at to obtain the release form and the mailing address for your 2014 membership.

For more club information contact Joe Dudiak <>   CDC Secratary

Steamer William J. Averill
Steam Barge Harvey J. Kendall

Schooner Magie L.
Steam Barge Arizona


Monday, March 10, 2014

Clayton Dive Club news!

The Clayton Dive Club announced their 2014 Dive Schedule as follows.

Work on Clayton Diver's Access (Date to be determined)
Dive On Clayton Diver's Access-May 17
Dive Rothsay and Conastoga-June 21
East Cliff Hall-July 12
Brockville Dive-August 16
Trash Dive (Clayton)-Sept. 20
Vickery Dive-Oct. 4

You can follow the dive club at  for some interesting discussions at 7 PM on the following dates:

- March 12 - Diver safety lead by a professor from London England.
- March 19 - See some of the latest Diving video games
- March 26 Commercial treasure diving from Key West, Florida
The archives of past meetings are now available on the website.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Underwater junkyard of abandoned cars and trucks.

Grindstone Island, Clayton NY: underwater junkyard of abandoned cars and trucks.

The cars and trucks of this underwater junkyard were purposely abandoned on the ice. Disposing of unwanted junk in the River was a common practice during the 19th and first half of the 20th century.  One of many dive sites in "Dive the Thousand Island"