Saturday, September 28, 2019

Clayton Diving Club - Sept meeting minutes

The meeting was opened by club president Dennis McCarthy at 5:30 pm on September 26.  In attendance were Joe Dudiak, Ken Kozin, Carol Kozin, Kathi McCarthy, Dennis McCarthy, John Krake, Bruce Rippeteau, Charlie Stage and Skip Couch. 



-      Treasurer report:  

Ken Kozin reported that the current balance for the club is at $611.21, which includes $231.15 for the mooring fund.  The report was accepted by the members.


  • Secretary report:

Joe Dudiak reported that the minutes from the May meeting were sent to all active members via email and was posted on the club website.  The minutes were then accepted. 


  • Old Business


  • NOAA proposed National Marine Sanctuary on Lake Ontario


Bruce Rippeteau commented that the letter Dennis McCarthy sent on be-half of the CDC was very well done.

Dennis reported that NOAA is establishing a sanctuary advisory council for the proposed sanctuary in Lake Ontario to bring members of the local community together to provide advice to NOAA, to serve as a liaison with the nominating community, and to assist in guiding NOAA through the designation process. Council meetings will be open to the public and provide a place where community interests, support, and concerns are heard. For more information about National Marine Sanctuaries Advisory Councils,

Council members will represent a variety of interests, from recreation and tourism to education and research. We are currently seeking applicants for the following seats:

·         Divers/Dive Clubs/ Shipwreck Exploration (2 seats and 2 alternates)

·         Education (2 seats and 2 alternates)

·         Tourism (1 seat and 1 alternate)

·         Economic Development (2 seats and 2 alternates)

·         Recreational fishing (2 seats and 2 alternates)

·         Recreational boating (1 seat and 1 alternate)

·         Shoreline Property Owner (1 seat and 1 alternate)

·         Maritime History and Interpretation (2 seats and 2 alternates)

·         Citizen-At-Large (2 seats and 2 alternates)

If anyone is interested in becoming a council member, see the link below for more details.


  • Ken Kozin reported that a representative from the NY State Park contacted him regarding a complaint filed by the Clayton Island Tours for a mooring buoy over the shipwreck The Elk. The buoy impeded their glass bottom boat from showing the wreck.  The CDC does not have a buoy on that wreck and they must be referring to the sailboat mooring close to the wreck.  Dennis McCarthy will follow-up with the Clayton Island Tours to explain the situation.   Ken also mentioned that the NY State Park representative stated it is illegal to attach to the club buoy on the shipwreck A.E. Vickery because the orange stripe buoy is classified as a navigation aid.   After discussion no action will be taken by the club at this time.


  • New Business


  • 3-D wreck images

Dennis reported that the 3-D image of the Maggie L came out great and is posted on the website.   Videos taken of the Dauntless did not produce a very good 3-D image.


  • Cathy McCarthy mentioned that club officer nominations for the 2020 dive season will be held next month and that club each club members should consider filling the various positions.


  • Dennis mentioned the Australian TV series ‘Drain the Ocean’ will include a section about Carlton Island and the shipwreck HMS Ontario next season.


  • Ken Kozin suggested an impromptu dive be held to clean-up the sandbags that washed into the river.  Any diver who is interested in participating should meet behind the Christmas Tree shop at 5:30 on Monday, Sept. 30.     


  • The next meeting will be held on Nov 7 at the Hawn Memorial library at 5:30.


  • The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 by president Dennis McCarthy.






Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Clayton Diving Club - Fall meeting

The Fall meeting of the Clayton Diving Club will be held on Thursday, Sept. 26 beginning at 5:30 at the Hawn Memorial Library, 220 John St, Clayton.