Sunday, November 10, 2019

Clayton Diving Club - Nov mtg minutes

The meeting was opened by club president Dennis McCarthy at 5:45 pm on November 7.  In attendance were Joe Dudiak, Ken Kozin, Carol Kozin, Kathi McCarthy, Dennis McCarthy, Charlie Stage and Diane Hammond. 



-      Treasurer report:  

Ken Kozin reported that the current balance for the club is at $621.21, which includes $231.15 for the mooring fund.  The report was accepted by the members.


  • Secretary report:

Joe Dudiak reported that the minutes from the September meeting were sent to all active members via email and was posted on the club website.  Dennis McCarthy identified a correction in the minutes.  Under ‘New Business’ the minutes should have stated ‘National Geographic TV series’ instead of ‘Australian TV series’ for hosting the ‘Drain the Ocean’ next season.  The minutes were then accepted. 


  • Old Business


  • Ken Kozin and Dennis McCarthy both applied for a position on NOAA’s advisory committee for the proposed National Marine Sanctuary on Lake Ontario.   


  • Ken Kozin reported that all dive wreck buoys are out of the water for the season. 


  • Dennis McCarthy reviewed the emails from the NYS Parks regarding the wreck buoys for the Vickery and the Keystorm.  Those buoys should have been designated as mooring buoys instead of informational special markers.  The NYS Park Police and the NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation departments have agreed to alter the existing permits to become mooring buoys.   As a result, the club will need to modify the appearance of the buoys to include a blue stripe and a 1 inch reflector tape all around the buoy to conform to the specifications.


  • Ken Kozin reported that the mooring applications for the shipwreck buoys have been placed on the club website for any future access.  


  • 3-D wreck images

Ken Kozin printed the 3-D image of the Maggie L from the view of the wreck that was prepared by Dennis McCarthy.


  • Cathy McCarthy mentioned that club officer nominations for the 2020 dive season should begin.  Joe Dudiak will send a nomination email to all club members in an effort to get input for new nominations.


  • Dennis mentioned the National Geographic’s TV series ‘Drain the Ocean’ will include a section about Carlton Island and the shipwreck HMS Ontario next season.  It will be part of Season 3 and will begin in March.


  • The club held an impromptu dive to clean-up the sandbags that washed into the river along the River Walk.  Divers and deck hands removed hundreds of sand bags from the river.  However, many more remain on the river bottom.      


New Business


  • The annual Christmas dinner will be held on Monday December 16 at the Coal Dock restaurant in Cape Vincent beginning at 5:30.  Anyone interested in attending should send their RSVP to by November 30.


  • The annual Christmas parade theme is ‘Our Best Christmas Memory’.  Discussion was held regarding the club’s participation and some possible ideas.  However, no final decision was reached.


  • The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 by president Dennis McCarthy.







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